Sunday, September 28, 2014


For most of the the United States, it is that magical season called autumn. One conjures images of  hot apple cider, potted mums, pumpkins and cooler temperatures. Blankets and throws claim their position of importance and are strategically placed on sofa arms, while deciduous trees put on a spectacular display of warmthannouncing that the season of harvest has arrived. 

Photo from Southern Living  The South's Best Season 

Living in Arizona, fall comes much later in the year usually around November or December. However, it does not mean that my inner clock isn't envisioning jumping in a pile of leaves and breathing some crisp cool air.

I have learned there are ways to enjoy the season with the rest of the country even if it is 90 degrees outside. And I would like to thank Trader Joes for helping me achieve a state of bliss with their newly launched Pumpkin Body Butter. 

Hello it is just devine!  Rich and thick and loaded with wonderful things to hydrate a girl's skin and the scent is out-of-this-world!

While other parts of the country are treated to colorful displays that are guaranteed to render one speechless...........

I have learned to admire the colors of autumn in a different way.

Be Well,  Laurie

Monday, September 1, 2014

Things that float your boat

Things that float your boat are the key to creating your style.  For me it is to surround myself with things that make me smile.

Lately, I am into pillows with messages.  I like to think the subliminal messages work on my brain. So even though right at this moment I am not able to live in beach country, I can still surround myself with things that make me smile and remind me of where I am headed.

In my boudoir, the first thing I see when I walk in the door is a cheerful buttery yellow pillow that reminds me that life is better at the beach. There is something about the sunny yellow that instantly lifts my mood. The color of vitality and happiness. I think mixing it with gray makes it work in the bedroom. It's kind of that yin and yang thing. The serenity of gray keeps the tone restful balancing the happy yellow.

Little messages all through my home keep the mood light, and turn the corners of my mouth up. After a stressful day at work my brain zeros in on the joyful messages. It is my safe space to come home and dream about the future.

   And someday real soon I will be enjoying the beach!

Be Well,  Laurie

A little relaxation

Every once in a while life hands you a bone, and I received one last week.  I learned that I was one of the winners of the Tommy Bahama: Relaxation defined contest. I have to share with you I never win anything so I would like to give a heartfelt thank you to everybody that voted for my story and photos!

The plane landed with intention as if to announce its arrival into The Tampa International Airport. It was cloudy outside but I did not care. The minute I stepped out of the plane, I could feel the humidity envelope me in her sweet embrace. After being in the desert for so long my skin was thanking me and taking a big long hydrating drink. I made my way to the train that would take me over to the baggage claim. I let out one long breath. It made me realize I had been holding my breath for a month. Note to self….Breath deep and breath often.

High above the emerald green waters of the Gulf from the Sunshine Skyway Bridge, I marveled at its architecture. I wondered how frightening it would be to experience driving across her during a bad storm. I wondered at what point they shut the freeway down. I looked out the window and saw the pelicans greeting my arrival. I giggled at their gregarious nature. Their amazing wingspan made them fly in straight long lines and then they would dive bomb into the water to catch their prize. Their heavy bodies, long necks and flat bills made them look prehistoric to me. Note to self…there is no way I am getting back on a plane to leave.

My vehicle headed toward Sarasota and its little piece of paradise known as the island of Lido Key. The lushly landscaped island plays hide-and-seek and slowly reveals hidden white sugar sand beaches. I take off my flip flops to feel the sand between my toes and drink in the day.

My visit to this island would not be complete without a spin around St. Armand’s circle, home to chic boutiques and fabulous restaurants. My strong affection for the Spanish Colonial Hemingway architecture leads to a stop at Tommy Bahamas for a world-class pineapple mojito. The price of the mojito is well worth the admission price to sit and bask in the design elements of my delight. Entertained by the bartender as he pulled out his muddler and went to work mashing mint and sugar to hand-craft my cocktail. He set the magic elixir in front of me. I reached for the glass to take a sip, but I kept hearing this strange noise. For some reason I could not get the drink to my lips and that noise. What is that annoying noise?
Suddenly I realized I was in my bed, my alarm was bleating that horrible battle cry to get up. I opened one eye, slowly cognizant that it was Monday morning at 5 a.m. and I had dreamed a beautiful dream called Florida.

Be Well,  Laurie