Chasing Frogs

In 2008 during the economic meltdown of our country I lost my job, my mind and the farm; but it didn't get my sense of humor. Writing Chasing Frogs gave me the opportunity to keep my sanity. What better way to do this than to set a goal.  Perhaps a little nutty on my part for that goal to be writing a book. But I have never done anything the easy way.

She was a labor of love and a true companion in a otherwise dark period in my life. My goal simply is to touch people and make them laugh.  When we go through loss we often feel alone. If I can reach out and help one person feel a little less alone by giving them a chuckle than I am a happy person.

Hopefully, you will find yourself rooting for our heroine Lulu Landry!

                                                                           Be Well,


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