About me

By day I am a media specialist for the largest school district in the state of Arizona, but my passion is all about style! My job is stressful and I enjoy surrounding myself with things that make me smile. It might be transforming an old chest of drawers, scoring a new shiny bauble or putting a great outfit together all on a shoe string budget.

I am a magazinaholic! One of my guilty pleasures is opening a crisp new magazine and getting lost in the stories and photographs it it.  Travel, style and home, I love to study the images, I daydream, tear out pages to revisit at another time.  It might be a fabric, a cute skirt or a fantastic nail polish color but they are things that inspire me.

 I believe we convey messages to the world about who we are and what we hold near and dear to our hearts. We speak without words through our style. Have you ever visited someone's home and never wanted to leave because it was so beautiful.  Or admired another person's style because they looked so confident. The key is figuring out what your style is and the message you would like to convey to the world.

My blog is my creative outlet and my happy place, and I hope to inspire other individuals to find their voice through their sense of style. What is your message to the world?

                                                                                          Be Well,


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