Monday, September 1, 2014

Things that float your boat

Things that float your boat are the key to creating your style.  For me it is to surround myself with things that make me smile.

Lately, I am into pillows with messages.  I like to think the subliminal messages work on my brain. So even though right at this moment I am not able to live in beach country, I can still surround myself with things that make me smile and remind me of where I am headed.

In my boudoir, the first thing I see when I walk in the door is a cheerful buttery yellow pillow that reminds me that life is better at the beach. There is something about the sunny yellow that instantly lifts my mood. The color of vitality and happiness. I think mixing it with gray makes it work in the bedroom. It's kind of that yin and yang thing. The serenity of gray keeps the tone restful balancing the happy yellow.

Little messages all through my home keep the mood light, and turn the corners of my mouth up. After a stressful day at work my brain zeros in on the joyful messages. It is my safe space to come home and dream about the future.

   And someday real soon I will be enjoying the beach!

Be Well,  Laurie

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