Sunday, June 29, 2014

Summer sun dress

It is summer time sundress season and the stores are having seasonal sales. I caught this dress on a mark down plus an additional percentage off - Hello jackpot!

Truth be told a friend purchased this dress a few months ago, and it was adorable on her. Thankfully, she lives out of state so we will never show up rocking the same dress. But I envision it with a pair of sexy summer strappy heels, maybe a cute pair of silver wedge Marc Jacobs - just waiting for a pair to go clearance.  

I adore the beaded band around the top.  It means all I need are great earrings and I am ready to go! The material is luxuriously soft which means it is ultra comfortable. I leave for vacation in less than two weeks. I am excited to wear this along the Gulf Coast of Florida.

Be Well,  Laurie

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Zen and the Art of Style: Summer fun find

Zen and the Art of Style: Summer fun find: I love summer, but it takes a toll on a girl's makeup. Keeping a fresh face is tough when it slides right off of your face.  I have a to...

Summer fun find

I love summer, but it takes a toll on a girl's makeup. Keeping a fresh face is tough when it slides right off of your face.  I have a tough time with eyeliner, because it ends up fading away or under my eyes giving me the dreaded raccoon effect. Yesterday, I purchased the newly released "they're real push-up liner from Benefit

I figured it was yet just another liquid eyeliner. Boy was I wrong.  This stuff has major staying power. I put it to the test today.  I ran errands ALL DAY LONG in 106 degrees, worked out, and then took the following photos.  My eyeliner is still put where it is supposed to be!

I think it is worth the splurge. Its like drawing with a marker, goes on easy. I am a bit challenged when it comes to makeup, and I was able to pull it off.

Benefit - they're real! push-up liner is a yes!

 Be Well,  Laurie

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Summer fun sun dress

One way to stay cool as a cucumber in the summer heat, is a pretty sundress.  There is something romantic about a sundress. It is flirty, fun and lightens up the work day. The days might be sizzling hot and steamy, but this effortless style is a classic, day or night.

I wore cute flat embellished sandals for work, but I could just as easily pair some sexy strappy heels to change up the look taking it into the evening.

I prefer to keep my arms covered in the office. I added a sea glass blue shrug to make it office attire acceptable.

The dress is super soft and comfortable and the fact that it was an end of season clearance purchase at Charming Charlies makes it even that much sweeter.

 What is your go-to summer look?

 Be Well,  Laurie

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Summer is calling...get your tan on!

I love summer. It conjures up sweet memories of beach time, boating, back yard BBQ's and a great summer tan. I am always trying to figure out how to get a gorgeous glow with less sun damage. As a matter of fact, I purchased my own air-brush tanning equipment to better achieve my summer bronze. Here are a few of my 2014 summer favorite products.

Living in the desert the climate is harsh on a person's skin. There is an on-going quest to keep skin hydrated and supple. Hydration is also one key to prolonging your beautiful tan. Another important step to lovely skin.... exfoliate! I try to dry brush my skin before I jump into the shower twice a week.

Next, I am digging Honey Bronze Shimmering Dry Oil by the Body Shop. It has a great scent and moisturizing oils in it to hydrate your skin. It ads a hint of shimmer and is not greasy. Note it is not a self-tanner. To really get me into a beach mood, I like to mix it with some of their coconut oil. It adds hydration and the scent is like a mini vacation in my mind.

In between spray tanning, natural glow daily moisturizer extends  the life of my tan. It is inexpensive and does a nice job. I purchased Target's brand.  I find it works just as well as the more expensive brands.

June brings out the hot temperatures. We run anywhere from 110 - 118 degrees. It's HOT! I love to swim and be in the water. I prefer to do this in the morning. It is cooler and the rays are not as damaging. But just driving in your car can zap your skin.

I have fallen in love with Isa SunGuard by IsAgenix. It contains Zinc Oxide and Titanium Dioxide along with antioxidants and botanicals to protect the skin. I use this on my face, shoulders, chest and arms.  It gives strong protection.  For my body I love Solar Body Mosisturizer by DEVITA - Paraben Free and 100% Vegan.

What are ya waiting for summer is calling!

            Be Well,  Laurie

Sunday, June 1, 2014

I am on a kick with trying to stay cool this summer.  At the moment, I am sitting under my glorious ceiling fan, drinking some Chia Fresca to quench my thirst.

Thank you to Oh She Glows for the refreshing recipe!  If you are looking for some wonderful health inspired recipes you have to check out Angela's blog.

Last night, I had some friends over to chill( pun intended). It was a lovely evening of yummy food, spirits and friendship. I wanted to serve something snappy to drink. I settled on white nectarine sangria.

There a a hundred ways to make a peachy sangria, here is my recipe.

1 chilled bottle of Sauvignon blanc - Cupcake Wines

Lemonade (chilled) -

Vanilla Vodka (a shot or a couple)

seedless grapes



Freeze once cup of lemonade
Add to pitcher one bottle of  white wine, one cup of lemonade, two or so shots of vanilla vodka (add to your taste) Add cut fruit and whole grapes, add frozen lemonade to the pitcher and serve.  Voila guaranteed sassafras in a glass.

 My dress is clearance JC Penny's -  nine bucks! I don't have a lot of purple in my closet and I have decided it is a fun color to wear.  Purple looks smashing on most skin tones and hair colors. Every body should have the color of royalty in their wardrobe.

Give my sangria a try, I would love to hear what you think. What are your favorite summer beverages! Keep Cool!

                                                             Be Well,  Laurie