Tuesday, December 17, 2013



Color is a non-verbal form of communication and I am fascinated with the psychology of it and the role it plays in our lives. Corporate American spends billions of dollars testing colors. Color can boost your mood, give you an edge and lend itself to a sense of authority.

Burgundy gives an air of sophistication.  It is the color of wealth, success, prosperity and elegance.  This hottest of colors this season works for every skin tone.

  • It’s fabulous with gray,
  • a classic with navy
  • and on trend paired with mustard
A blend of red, associated with the root chakra and purple connected to the crown chakra and the higher knowing of “self.”

Cardigan sweater: Ann Taylor - clearance
Skirt - Ann Taylor - clearance
Top - Ann Taylor - clearance
Shoes - DSW


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