Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Bolero Jacket

Bolero Jacket

Years ago, I stumbled upon a great deal on a navy blue velvet and brocade bolero style jacket. It is a statement piece and looks just as lovely with jeans  as it does a circle skirt.

From a color psychology perspective, blue is reliable and responsible. This color exhibits an inner security and confidence.  It is considered a corporate color - think the power suit. I believe this jacket is playful and gives a sense of whimsy to classic navy blue. 
The next time you have to make a presentation or speak in front of a group of people you might want to know, Blue is the color associated with the Throat Chakra. This chakra deals with communication of how we feel and what we think. 


I feel special when I wear this piece.  It is a conversation starter type of item, I often receive complements when I wear the jacket. The thing I love most is that I paid $11.99 for it! 
It's good to experiment with color. Stop and check yourself to see what your mood reveals. Remember to have fun when you put your sense of style together!
Jacket - Dillards (clearance - jack pot)
Blouse - AnnTaylor (clearance)
Skirt - Steinmart
Boots - Kohls (Clearance)

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