Monday, May 26, 2014

Channel your inner beach!

My friends will share with you that I am manifesting moving to the beautiful Gulf coast of Florida. Since childhood it has been a dream to live by the ocean. It might have had something to do with Flipper. Nonetheless, as an adult I have visions of tooling around the ocean side communities on my beach cruiser with a West Highland Terrier at my side.

Until Divine timing, I channel my inner beach in a variety of ways. Bowls of seashells fill my rooms, ocean artwork and mementos from beach vacations. Today I decided to take an old computer printer stand  and beachafie it.

It is a happy color, and if it does not say Gulf Coast of Florida than I don't know what does. The paint swatch with the number accidentally got tossed, but I do have the can with all pertinent information. I call it Flamingo Florida!

The idea came to me one day flipping through magazines. They are all showing bold colors. My eyes happened to rest on a coral bowl I have in my family room. Like a bolt of lightening, I realized just how darn cute the old computer stand would look if I re purposed it with a coat of paint. I started looking around the room and realized the color coral stood out in my accessories.

Here is the before photo. Having served its purpose in my office, a recent change of furniture made the stand unnecessary for the space. But I knew it would look great in a new space.

Dare to be bold!  Do you have an old piece of furniture that you are not sure what to do with?  Think about using it in a different way than when you purchased it. A coat of paint, some great hardware and it is easy to bring some new energy to an old space on a budget.

             Be Well,  Laurie

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