Friday, May 2, 2014

A change of season bedroom make over

Everyday we learn more about the far-reaching effects of sleep to our health.  Personally, sleep is more important to me than food! A good nights sleep will set the tone for the entire day, and this is one of a dozen reasons why we need to make our bedrooms comfortable.

The change of seasons whispering spring is  in the air made my current linens feel heavy.  The crimson red quilt at the foot of my bed felt cozy during Christmas, but near triple digits make them scream HOT and Stuffy today.

The only problem.........the lack of funds for a bedroom make over. I decided I was not going to let this stop me from lightening up my room.


I struck gold with a sheet sale at Burlington outlet. As luck would have it Gray and yellow are the new "it" color combination. The new sheets are the only thing I purchased for my bedroom makeover. The color combination update the look in a new and inviting way.

The next step was to move every piece of furniture in my room. If you desire to give things a change moving the position of existing furniture is a wonderful way to change things up!

The black chest is a favorite piece of mine because it has sentimental value. My father gave my mother this china hutch as an anniversary present a long time ago. Sadly, the desert dry climate ended the life of the original highboy style of the hutch.  I repurposed it with a coat of black paint, bun feet and little Italian lights. I enjoy surrounding myself with trinkets from travels, favorite pictures, keepsakes and mementos. It is like a giant keepsake box of love.

I have an interesting obsessions with trays. I think because I have so much stuff they allow me to organize my beloved tchotkes in a neat and orderly fashion.  My things have to stay in the space and are not allowed to spill over.  Hey what ever gets a girl through the day that is all I am saying.

The new mercury glass lamp that I dream of for my night stand is not an option.  So I took an existing lamp, and turned it from drab to fab with a little paint that I pulled from my bag of tricks.


Yes, it is another tray, helping me keep my night stand clutter free, and for some reason I sleep better when everything is in its place.  The night stand was a fun project. I enjoyed turning a rather boring chest into something that makes me smile. 

This storage bench does double duty.  It gives a girl a place to sit while she puts her shoes on, and it provides much needed storage.   

With a little elbow grease, some organization and a lot of imagination I managed to give my room a spring makeover and I am sleeping like a log! Okay are you ready to see the before?  

Okay now it is your turn! Go do something beautiful today!

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