Saturday, November 23, 2013

Autumn in the desert

I think there is nothing that makes a girl feel totally put together as when she is completely comfortable, polished and put together. If it is not comfortable I won't wear it! This dress is so comfortable. It feels like I am wearing my pajamas!  I scored it on a 40 percent off the markdown price sale.  

The other thing one needs to keep in mind is weather. Living in Phoenix we do actually experience "autumn" it's just much different then what most other states experience.  When I leave for work it is dark and 56 or so degrees.  Keep in mind the sun will be out and it will warm up usually to 70 or 80 degrees IN NOVEMBER! So for someone with thin blood its chilly in the morning and warm during the day.  I know you are all crying me a river at the moment, but I am simply explaining things to be considered when dressing for work. The magic word is usually layers! 


Dress - Ann Taylor
Sweater - New York and Company (yes clearance)
Slingback Shoes - DSW
bracelets - Forever 21 

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