Saturday, February 8, 2014

Creating A Comfortable Nest

Creating A Comfortable Nest

My friend recently relocated to another state for an incredible opportunity with her company. This monumental act meant leaving behind all that was safe and comfortable to embark on new and exciting adventures. Over the holidays I had the opportunity to help her turn her new town home into an environment that is welcoming and comfortable. It was an unforgettable week of magic!

When a person relocates to a new city it is a smart move to rent a home while you get to know the area. You may have to over look some creative challenges, such as paint colors. But it is still possible to transform the space into your own, while you get to know your new city.

It all starts in the entryway or foyer of your home.  This stage setting space is the first area that you and your guests will experience in your home. This important but often overlooked area communicates important messages with your guests about yourself. We all have experienced walking into a home or business that have spoken to us.  The positive is that we feel as if we never want to leave the space and the negative is that we feel unwelcome, cold or want to run screaming from the space.

Marge has a fairly large entry to beckon one into her home. We wanted to make her new home comfortable and inviting. Just as the eyes are the window to one's soul, the entryway sets the stage to enter a home.

We had fun playing with color and texture. The first thing she added was a plush rug to softened the space. A cute leather bench welcomes one to sit down and take their boots off.

The lack of a hall closet was an easy remedy with a metal coat rack, not only does it add interest, its functional!

The addition of a sofa table made a great back drop to personalize the space with photos of friends and loved ones. Coffee table books lend to the feeling of travel and adventure in the room. 

The artwork is special because not only is it her brother's work, but it continues the theme of travel in her home.

Her entry way wraps into the kitchen, and we continued to layer her spaces with special photographs and cherished objects. This wall in her kitchen can be viewed from her entire lower space, and made it the perfect spot for special keepsakes to greet her everyday.

At the end of a transforming day Kitty and I decided to hang by the fire place. 

Where thou art, that is home. 

~Emily Dickenson

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