Sunday, April 27, 2014

Life's Little Game Changers

I was lead to this book today.

Now, I will admit initially it was Gabrielle's lip color that made me take a second look at the book and actually pick it up. But I know full well there are no accident's in life. I walked into Barnes and Nobles looking for a book my acupuncturist suggest I read. Apparently, I am not dealing with the stress in my life in an optimal way. They didn't have the book she suggested, but I now know I was meant to find this book. Just as I am meant to share it with all of you.


We all experience bumps in the road or hiccups in our lives.  An important person to me describes these challenging times as pushes from Angels.  When they push us they say "Oh this is going hurt." But they push us because they know when we come out on the other side we are so much better for the lesson in life. I am at one of those places.  It seems that my inability to deal with stress is causing some health issues.  If you have ever experienced occipital neuralgia you understand my pain. This condition is a game changer.

Over the Easter holiday I started experienced electric volts of pain in my jaw. I assumed the clenching of my teeth (which is how I deal with stress) caused damage to a crown, and exposed a nerve.  Over the weekend, the pain spread to my throat, the muscles in my neck, the side of my head and even my hair hurt.

First thing Monday morning I showed up at my dentist office - Do not pass go do not collect $200 dollars. As luck would have it, there was a cancellation and they were able to fit me in.  I learned there was nothing wrong with my teeth but that I was experiencing TMD, neuralgia and a variety of other large words.  He fit my mouth for a custom bite guard, told me to take Ibuprofen and sent me on my way.  (It takes about two weeks to get my mouth guard)

During the week I attended a two-day workshop for my job and thought possibly being away from the office might help relax things; however by Thursday the electric volts of pain turned into feeling like I was being hit in the head with a baseball bat. It is the kind of pain that stops you in your tracks and involuntarily moan, flinch and make funny faces.   The pain reliever helps to dull the pain, which is always with me; however as the medication wears off the waves of being hit in the head happen as often as minutes apart from each other. By Friday morning I was in tears. I was in so much pain. I thought about going to the emergency room, but my high deductible stopped me in my tracks. Thoughts of my friend's four-year old daughter who is battling  Neuroblastoma Cancer ran though my mind. I can't even begin to wrap my brain about what her tiny little body has endured.  Thoughts of Teeja made me suck it up, pop my Ibuprofen and head to work.

Friday after work, my friend Suzannah invited me over to her home for a much needed girls night. I was so uncomfortable I was not sure how much fun I would be. But the minute I arrived I was glad.  She baked the most delicious homemade sour dough bread, served it with some incredibly creamy brie and we washed it down with a lovely cabernet sauvignon. When a person is going through a crisis if that doesn't say love than I don't know what does!  I didn't mention that my friend is the most phenomenal massage therapist EVER, and while our evening was really supposed to be about relaxing (for both of us) she worked her magic on my ailments.  Thank you Suzannah!  

The next morning bright and early I had an appointment with my acupuncturist.  She is another special person in my life. I have so much respect for her I would not even know where to begin. I will share with you what ever your ailment anxiety to pain management acupuncture is amazing! These are all tools in my arsenal to get better, and I will. There is nothing like blinding pain to motivate a person to change.

Today my journey lead me to this incredible book.

Gabrielle shares,

"Over the last several years, our collective negativity and fear have adversely affected the economy, the environment, and the health of all beings on this planet. Due to new technology, global warming, financial-crises, violent crimes, political turmoil and planetary shifts, we've become more sensitive to the energy around us and the pace of life."

YES, YES and YES! We all know these things to be true, but she is the first person to actually tell me how to deal with it.  I have had a variety of sources confirm that I need to speak my truth. The funny thing is I knew they were all correct but as a people pleaser, you might as well ask me to put a round peg in a square hole.

I have started to shift my thoughts and perceptions, which will help me as I go into the battle ground at work tomorrow. I am incredibly to my mom, and my friends for helping me during this challenging time in my life. I leave you with this - Happiness is a choice you make!

                                                                 Be Well, 

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