Saturday, June 28, 2014

Summer fun find

I love summer, but it takes a toll on a girl's makeup. Keeping a fresh face is tough when it slides right off of your face.  I have a tough time with eyeliner, because it ends up fading away or under my eyes giving me the dreaded raccoon effect. Yesterday, I purchased the newly released "they're real push-up liner from Benefit

I figured it was yet just another liquid eyeliner. Boy was I wrong.  This stuff has major staying power. I put it to the test today.  I ran errands ALL DAY LONG in 106 degrees, worked out, and then took the following photos.  My eyeliner is still put where it is supposed to be!

I think it is worth the splurge. Its like drawing with a marker, goes on easy. I am a bit challenged when it comes to makeup, and I was able to pull it off.

Benefit - they're real! push-up liner is a yes!

 Be Well,  Laurie

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