Saturday, April 12, 2014

Color kick

The warm Arizona weather has me on a color kick. I just can't seem to resist! It's fun to play with color, pattern and texture. Even in a conservative office, a girl can sport some color. It's just a matter of knowing your parameters in the dress code arena.

Feeling a bit nautical in the desert. I have grown to love this turquoise denim jacket. It was a clearance purchase. I don't worry as much about wearability when I get a good deal on an item. But I am finding a variety of great ways to wear it. Today I decided to mix my blues.

One piece of advice from my grandmother. She used to say if you buy pieces that are classic, and well constructed they will last forever. My grandmother's words of wisdom follow me when I go shopping. For example, I purchased this skirt more than 10 years ago from Gap! It is timeless, comfortable and still going strong.

The key to crazy weather is all in the layers. In the afternoon when it warms up, the jacket comes off and I still have an easy comfortable look.

I love my baubles, this bracelet is from the cutest little boutique in Venice Beach, Florida.  It is called Seaside Chic.  If you are ever in the neighborhood check it out, because they have fantastic baubles!

Turquoise Jacket - Chicos (Clearance)
Royal knit top - Ann Taylor Loft - (Clearance)
Skirt - Gap
Shoes - DSW (Clearance)

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