Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Style inspiration

Style Inspiration  can come from all different places, and can hit you when you least expect it. Today I take my cue from a co-worker.  One day she came in looking like a spring bouquet wearing the color pink! And I remembered a bright pink blouse back in the recesses of my closet.


Pink and black are fun to wear together. Pink gives black some personality. It brightens the look and kicks it into gear. Black is often seen as mysterious so bright pink throws everyone for a loop. It also gave me an opportunity to change up my baubles. Sometimes I am guilty of wearing my favorite pieces so it is good to have an excuse to mix things up.  The same thing happens with my shoes. We tend to be creatures of habit and wear what is comfortable. I decided to change it up with my sandals today.

Blouse - Steinmart
Skirt - Steinmart
Shrug - New York and Company
Shoes - DSW
Bracelets - Steinmart

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