Friday, April 18, 2014

Daytime award banquet

I had a daytime award banquet to attend for work. I decided to go with a navy and black sheath style dress. A cool and classic look for the event. The dress features a sort of cap sleeve, and left me with a dilemma......  Jacket or sans jacket?

 I whipped through my closet, tried on several jackets and after much debate I selected a simple short sleeve black jacket. For some reason I decided I just needed a jacket, kind of like a security blanket. I have had this jacket so long I don't remember where I acquired it.

I like the cut of it because it is slightly nipped in at the waist. And is flattering to the waistline.



The funny thing about the jacket debate in my head is the day turned out to be really warm and I ended up being hot.  So I didn't wear the jacket. LOL!  Better to be prepared.

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